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Stem White Ceramic stem
3 types of 4.25DIA, 5.5 and 7
Number of Chips Standard 4/6/8 Chips
Bridge Circuit For 5.5DIA and over
Base Various incandescent lamps compatibility
Rated Voltage Wide range from 6V to 120V
Lifetime Excellent shackproof and shockproof, long life
Viewing Angle Wide view 160 degree
Application Ideal for indication lights
BP E10 WB T6.8
Circuit Diagram (with Bridge)
Legend Symbol
LED Chip
Circuit Diagram  
  The above is the example of a resistor for 8WT-B-    -2P+
  With-bridge type lights up by full wave when operated in AC power.<br>
No need to care about polarity of socket terminal when DC power is applied.
Part Number                  
Example: 4T68G-O-R-24
4 T68G O R 24
Number of Chips Base Confuguration Circuit Luminous Color Rated Voltage
Rated Voltage(V) 6 12 14 24 28 48 60 120
With-Bridge Type       * * * * *
*      :  Available      
Classication Symbol R UO A UY Y UG G MB M(R/G) R/G
  Luminous Color Red Orange Amber Yellow Yellow Green Green Blue Red-Green Mix Red-Green Conversion
Special Specification                   * *
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