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Since our establishment as a private manufactory of miniature medical electric light bulbs in 1938 in Kita-ku,Tokyo,HOSOBUCHI has been developing steadily and producing the most qualified products.

In 1948, we were reorganized as HOSOBUCHI ELECTRIC LAMP CO.,LTD. with a new head-office and a factory in Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo and built a new factory in Taito-ku, Tokyo to meet the advanced and effective production concept as well as to start with specified lamps for the various optical measuring instruments. In 1984 , we decided to move every department to the present location in Arakawa-ku, Tokyo.

Today, electro-optical instruments are still being developed and higher techniques are required in our products. Our first class technical asserts and access could answer every requirement of customers with the most creditable products and we hope to better serve our customer industories as ever.


A newspaper "The Tokyo Shinbun" reported that Hosobuchi Electric lamp Co.,LTD

succeeded to manufacture a very small light bulb for gastric colorfilm for the first time in the world.(March 4,1954)


Customer Central Manufacturing.  We produce "High Quality","Confident"and "Custom-Made"lamp Bulb.

Because our business starts to Listen to Customers' Voice. Please advise us Your Requests.

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